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Future Goal "To start a business of his own after 2023..."

Nirmal Kumar Singh
Manager – Event Operations

Nirmal is an Operations & Client Servicing expert. He looks after all the logistics, operation & production of activities & events. Pre and post event client liasioning is his forte and he does it well enough!! After work, he is in service of his twin daughters

* MBA in Marketing with total of 9 years experience into Marketing, Event Operations & Client Servicing. His hobbies & passion includes dancing, mimicry and travelling. He loves taking leadership roles.

My favourite phrase "Action speaks louder than words!"

About CI Journey

My journey with Creative Imprints started in January 2015, I loved the job from day one. After 2 years I was promoted to Team Leader of event operations team. The management trusted me and I took over the responsibility of TL in my best capacity. Throughout my journey with CI, I have faced a lot of challenges but the support from my peers & seniors kept me going. Creative imprints has very healthy environment and is one of the best place to work.